Dual Membership or Tri-Club Membership

(Riverview / Dieppe / Moncton)


Dual Membership:  The Riverview, Dieppe and Moncton Tennis Clubs have agreed to offer a clay court / hard court combo which will allows players to have the best of both worlds:  the beautiful green clay courts of Riverview and the top quality hard courts of Dieppe or Moncton!  For $120 (junior), $170 (adult) or $300 (couple), the Dual Membership holder has full access to two clubs.


Tri-Club Membership:  To get the full tennis experience in the Greater Moncton Area, get the Tri-Club membership which gives you full access to the Riverview, Dieppe and Moncton Tennis Clubs. Experience the slow green clay courts of Riverview, the medium-slow hard courts of Dieppe, and the medium-fast hard courts of Moncton!  The cost is $180 (junior), $255 (adult) or $450 (couple).


If you’re a tennis junkie, the Dual Memberships and Tri-Club Memberships are for you!  Please ask for it at any three clubs.


(three tired tennis junkies…)